MotorWeek Quick Spin: 2017 Infiniti QX30


This week's Quick Spin puts us in the lap of luxury a little higher above the road… in the 2017 Infiniti QX30 compact crossover. It shares the same platform and 208-horsepower turbocharged drivetrain as the Mercedes GLA 250 cute-ute, and is a result of a six-year- old technology partnership.

But, there's no mistaking… the QX30 is an Infiniti… with the same sense of stylized adventure that is a calling card of their larger utilities.

While the interior also borrows a lot of hardware from the GLA, it fits into the QX30's environment that is far trendier yet just as useful. But, the sloping roofline we like so much outside, makes rear headroom and overall cargo space quite tight.

One thing Infiniti was generous with is sound insulation. The QX30 is quieter than most small utes, so even on rough roads conversation is easy.

GREG CARLOSS: “The qx30 is a crossover but just barely, so it's no surprise it drives more like a car than an SUV. The suspension is more rigid than most crossovers and the steering requires more effort, so you sacrifice some comfort, but in return you get better handling and a more engaging drive and in addition you get a 2-liter turbo 4-cylinder engine hooked to a 7 speed dual clutch transmission both aimed performance rather than comfort.”

The 2017 Infiniti QX30 gives entry-level luxury buyers a reason to be attracted to the brand… in one super-hot segment of the market. Prices start at just under 30-thousand dollars and it's in dealerships now.

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