Infiniti has taken the heart and bones of a Mercedes-Benz compact SUV and used them to make a cooler crossover. Really. If you line up the 2017 Infiniti QX30 Sport with a recently redesigned 2018 Mercedes-Benz GLA, with which it shares an engine, platform, and interior, the Infiniti is the sexier SUV.

Infiniti’s curvy crossover looks especially fetching from the front. It has narrow, hooded headlights, a wide double grille, bubbly bodywork, and a gently undulating hood. In comparison, the Mercedes looks blocky and bloated — the duller sibling in an oversized tracksuit.

From behind, the Mercedes fares even worse, with bulky, trapezoidal taillights that are anything but sleek. The Infiniti offers a more graceful look, with taillights that wrap nicely around the car’s billowy hips, tapering off into a pair of ruby-red cat eyes.

There are other design flourishes, too. In profile, the Mercedes is boxy, while the QX30 zigzags aerodynamically from the roof to the chrome-tipped dual exhaust below. It’s this kind of small touch that makes the car look dynamic.

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